Three Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Disease!

Question #1:   If you’re aging and your black hair starts to go gray, can we call that a hair disease

Question #2:  If you’re aging and your skin starts to sag and wrinkle, can we call that a skin disease?

Question #3:  If you’re aging and your bones start to naturally thin, should we automatically call that a bone disease by the name of Osteoporosis?

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Silver Shield and Headache Relief

During one of my presentations, an attendee mentioned that twice a week, he would endure day long headaches.  Once they started, there was no stopping them.  After some discussion, he decided to try using theSilver Shield liquid, one teaspoon, twice daily.  He reported later that since then he hasn’t had any headaches, except on that one day when he forgot to take his silver. 

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Great Gifts in Ugly Packages

Part Three of my sister Jayne's, testimony of healing.   

Struggling with never being good enough or doing enough, always feeling as though she was experiencing life from the outside looking in, she was sure that the pervasive shame and guilt she felt was deserved.  As God so often does, he waits to reveal certain truths to us until we are able to bear them.  So it was that day, when my sister walked into the kitchen and made a statement that left us both speechless, as it hung in the air:  "I just remembered something from when I was about two."

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