Equipment Rental

Currently, I have the following equipment available for weekly and monthly rental:

  • Chi Machine

  • ERE

  • E Power

  • Hot House Dome

Rental Costs Per Item:

  • One week - $60

  • Two weeks - $ 110

  • Three weeks - $155

  • Four weeks - $195

By the end of two to four weeks, most people will know how the equipment is affecting their well being and whether or not they are committed to using the equipment if interested in purchasing. Equipment is not shipped and must be picked up and returned in person.


Foot Spa Detox

A relaxing therapeutic foot spa with exceptional benefits with a finishing touch of essential oils and foot massage.  I use the B.E.S.T. Energy Ionic Foot Bath , the highest performing ionic foot spa available, which utilizes aircraft quality grade parts to boost bodily energy, allowing the body to work towards its full potential. Positive and negative energy fields are transferred into the water and the body absorbs that energy, providing pure, clean energy, identical to the human body's needs which may be used by the body to detox and cleanse. This process occurs on three levels: through the colon, urinary system and skin, respectively. The energy received by the body from this machine may result in boosting live blood cell levels and may decrease symptoms of health challenges. $50 per one hour session.


Chaplaincy Soul Care

Life is full of challenges and God never intended for you to shoulder those burdens alone. Here, you will find yourself in an atmosphere where it is safe to be real with yourself and honest about your vulnerabilities.  I consider it a sacred trust to hear your story and will try to hear your heart as well as your words without judgement or condemnation. Whether you find yourself wrestling with relationships, depression, guilt, life transitions, grief, or spiritual struggles, let’s talk.  If you meet the health criteria, enjoy a Foot Spa Detox at the same time. $50 per one hour session.

General Health Consultations 

A series of questions about your diet, lifestyle, symptoms and emotions helps us to identify weak body systems and to build a program that can bring balance to the weakened body systems. You will want to plan on a first time visit of at least 90 minutes, which enables us to complete at least one assessment form and then to discuss your preferences in managing your health program. To make the most of your time, I encourage everyone who meets the health criteria to enjoy a Foot Spa Detox at the same time.  $50 per hour.

Aromatherapy Session

A modality powerful enough to act as a stand alone with the ability to enhance or neutralize other modalities, therefore requiring caution and respect to be used effectively and safely. I am currently a student in an NAHA approved Aromatherapy Certification program, will continue education to become a Professional Aromatherapist, finishing with the Clinical Aromatherapist certification. Each session is $50 per hour plus cost of oils in your personal blend. Enjoy other modalities that are relevant during your consult.

SOQI Bed Sessions with Chi Machine

Relax and destress your body and your mind with soothing music, warmth and the gentle movement of the Chi Machine. This combo has more benefits then I can list in this area and cannot be described adequately. A sick body is a body that is out of balance.  Do not be deceived into thinking that because this session is so comforting peaceful and serene, that nothing other than pampering is taking place. Through Far Infrared heat, and the gentle movement of the Chi Machine, you bring balance to the autonomic nervous system, while it massages all internal organs, in addition to creating a healthful vibration.    Two devices working their magic physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some people never want to leave.  $25 per one hour session. To purchase equipment, see Affiliates Page.


We are subjected to positive ions via our computers, cell phones, power towers, microwaves, and televisions just to mention a few, all of which have a negative impact on our overall health. The E Power has been designed to increase our negative potential with High Frequency Energy, increasing the electrical potential of every cell in the body. You will sit with a fabric belt around your waist, feet off the floor, peacefully resting in an over stuffed chair while receiving the benefits of one of Hsin Ten Enterprises most powerful devices. See the Products page to view the machine and for more information. Sessions with the E Power last 15 minutes to three hours and may be done in conjunction with General Health Consultations and Foot Spa Detox.  $50 per one hour session.  To purchase equipment, see Affiliates Page.


The Electro Reflex Energizer is a device allowing you to place your feet on warming pads which have four pattern modes or frequencies that relate to pounding, relaxing and massage. It is multi faceted in the modalities and the number of ailments it can impact. Each new client will start out on the pound mode which may help to break up pockets of toxins, clusters of parasites and radiation. Clients have experienced such benefits as regaining feeling in their feet, lung congestion breaking up, weight loss, parasites eradicated via the stool and plantar warts being reduced in size. Numerous benefits have been experienced with this machine which you can view on the products page.  $50 per one hour session when done in conjunction with General Health Consultation and Foot Spa Detox. To purchase equipment, see Affiliates Page.

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