To Run Again - A Testimony of Healing

She lumbered into my office appearing to be 12 months pregnant with triplets. Just three weeks prior, she had suffered a heart attack at the age of 33, and she was desperate to find hope for regaining her health and raising her children. Doctors had opened her up, saw the mess, closed her back up and refused to touch her. All of her organs were pushed to the front of her enlarged abdomen; one doctor saying she was filled with diseased fat cells, the other doctor saying it was cancer.  

Her desire, in addition to living and being able to raise her children, was stated in writing on my intake form. “I want to be able to walk and run and exercise again.”


Simplicity was crucial. After discussing options, she decided upon Black Seed Oil, Silver Sol, Go Greens and the Hot House, now renamed Ceramic Heater.


Laying on her back required the use of two extenders for the Hot House to fit over her. In a week and a half, she no longer needed either one. She found herself passing a great deal of urine and copious amounts of fat globs and bloody masses with her stool. Her doctor, stunned with her progress, explained that her body was ridding itself of the diseased fat cells and to continue with whatever she was doing.


She was ecstatic. She had ankles again. She could feel her ribs again. She had a waist again. She could see her wrist bones again. Her nephew caught her running – again.


Update:  I first saw this client June of 2011, shared her testimony in September of 2011 and received a call from her sister January of 2012.  Per her doctor,  blood tests confirm that she is cancer free.   She gives all glory to God her Heavenly Father, believing that he orchestrated  her healing.