The First Call

I remember the morning vividly. Upon rising in the wee hours before dawn, I finished my daily scripture reading. There was a recanting of the wanderings in the desert and reiterating the division of the territories to the different tribes. Finishing the reading for the day, I laid my Bible aside and sighed, “Lord, I was really hoping to hear a special word from you today. I don't know where those territories are and I don't have any interest in them.”  

Instantly, my heart was seared with a thought that was not my own. “There is territory that I want to give you – that I want you to take in my name.” I gasped and wondered where the thought came from. A seemingly meaningless piece of scripture, became priceless and the memory of the revelation has been burned into my memory.


I now look at every step that I take, as new territory that I can win for Christ. Whether it is smiling at a stranger, crying with the broken hearted, rejoicing with celebrants or helping a client resolve a health issue, my endeavor is to do it to the glory of the Holy One. It can be while shopping at my local grocery store or far away when on business or vacationing. It matters not where I place my foot next or when I open my mouth, the possibility exists : an opportunity to take ground and offer hope.


It is my greatest desire that you find HOPE throughout the territory of my web site and that you share that hope with others.

FaithChrista Rensel