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For A Moment

A tear slid down his 18 year old cheek as he looked away, overcome with emotion as he accepted the dollar store rain poncho I offered him.  Twenty four hours earlier, I had stood in this same homeless shelter facility with two other people to offer the hope and love of Jesus Christ through a small gift bag of toiletry and food items. While we were there the day before, he was roaming the streets, contemplating jumping from the bridge, having no one in the world left that cared about him.  A voice inside his head said, “Don’t!”  He now turned towards us, giving each of us a hug when prior to this day, human touch repulsed him.  

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Great Gifts in Ugly Packages

Part Three of my sister Jayne's, testimony of healing.   

Struggling with never being good enough or doing enough, always feeling as though she was experiencing life from the outside looking in, she was sure that the pervasive shame and guilt she felt was deserved.  As God so often does, he waits to reveal certain truths to us until we are able to bear them.  So it was that day, when my sister walked into the kitchen and made a statement that left us both speechless, as it hung in the air:  "I just remembered something from when I was about two."

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