Great Gifts in Ugly Packages

Part Three of my sister Jayne's, testimony of healing.   

Struggling with never being good enough or doing enough, always feeling as though she was experiencing life from the outside looking in, she was sure that the pervasive shame and guilt she felt was deserved.  As God so often does, he waits to reveal certain truths to us until we are able to bear them.  So it was that day, when my sister walked into the kitchen and made a statement that left us both speechless, as it hung in the air.

A buried memory; erupting emotions; tumbling thoughts.

It's been nine months since that moment.

As devastating as the memory was, the healing has been miraculous.  Out of the ashes of near death and years of heartache, a new person has been born out of the adversity.  Jayne glows and radiates hope, love, and a peaceful spirit, with a sincere and genuine empathy for others who struggle with pain, despair and grief.  She now walks as one not only redeemed, but as one justified and sanctified, relentless in her desire to share the truth of the Word of God while exposing the lies of the adversary.

 We pray (and we really do pray this) that you are blessed with shouts of joy, over the intervening hand of God, rescuing you from the work of the evil one.  May you experience a life of no longer fearing troubles because God has shown himself faithful in the past and trustworthy for your future.  May you be blessed with experiencing your Father's intervention at such a profound level that you are emotionally and spiritually secure, knowing that you can run to him in every need.  He is your Strong Tower, today and forevermore.


In August of 2012, my aunt walked alongside of me at the Hospital and said, "I just can't see the gift in this."  Today, she can acknowledge that God has taken a very ugly circumstance and turned it into a beautiful gift for many.