I Can Feel My Feet Again

  A 59 year old construction worker shares his testimony of healing.

I started with Foot Detoxes because a friend of mine said that getting one took his leg pain away.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  I began with weekly foot detoxes and prior to having them done, Carla had  me use the ERE for 15 minutes.  Within a months time of getting these foot detoxes and renting her extra ERE, I could feel my feet again.  I hadn't been able to feel my feet in 15 years and couldn't bend the top third of my right foot.  I regained flexibility as well as feeling.  My doctor  couldn't believe it and said to just keep doing it.  He had never seen or heard of the likes of it before. 

I've been so impressed that I purchased my own ERE as well as a Chi Machine and will probably just keep right on buying these units.  I'm feeling great.

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