Dramatic Results from Just Two Sessions

Below is the testimony of L.S. of Michigan who came to see me May of 2011.  She was pleasantly surprised by the great results.  

I am happy to share my results from only 2 sessions with the E-Power, ERE, the Hot House and Chi Machine.

I had dramatic results after my first session. The first thing I noticed was a release of tension in my neck that I had lived with for so long that it became normal to me.  I was unable to turn my head to each side because of the tension in my neck and shoulders.  Immediately after my session, my neck and shoulders released and I have a very comfortable ability to turn my head completely, to each side.  I was amazed.  Additionally, I noticed that all of the aches and pains in my body that I had begun to attribute to aging were gone.  This feeling continued for the next few days and I had wonderful, full nights of comfortable sleep.

I am seeing gradual results in improvement of my respiratory condition that was  caused by mold and airborne irritants.

I look forward to continuing with these sessions.

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