Three Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Disease!

Question #1:   If you’re aging and your black hair starts to go gray, can we call that a hair disease

Question #2:  If you’re aging and your skin starts to sag and wrinkle, can we call that a skin disease?

Question #3:  If you’re aging and your bones start to naturally thin, should we automatically call that a bone disease by the name of Osteoporosis?

Obviously, the answer to the first two questions is "no."  However, the answer is, "no" to the third question as well.  Just because your bones are a wee bit thinner than before doesn't mean you have a disease any more than the absurd thought that you have a disease because your hair is graying and your skin is losing recoil. 

There is a plethora of false information regarding bone density and osteoporosis.  We'll start with just a sneak peek:

Number 1:  There is no way for you to accurately determine how much bone loss you’ve had, unless you had your bone density measured at its peak at some time during your 20’s.

Number 2:  As we age, there is a normal thinning of the bones, just as there is a normal loss of natural hair color and loss of recoil to our skin.

Number 3:  You do not want to retain old brittle bone, you want to build new, flexible, dynamic living tissue called bone.

I’ll be devoting the next several posts to things that you can do to naturally address bone density.  Be prepared for a few surprises.