Pasteurization & Bone Health Better Choices for Better Bones

Pasteurization?  It's good for us, right?

Here’s what pasteurization really does whether you’re talking about dairy, vinegars, eggs, kombucha or many other raw fermented foods :

  1. Diminishes all nutrients which are heat sensitive
  2. It does not destroy all harmful micro organisms
  3. It does destroy beneficial bacteria’s (probiotics)
  4. Destroys the active enzymes
  5. Denatures fragile milk proteins
  6. It denatures the food changing it from a live healthy food to a dead food
  7. It seems odd that something so simple could actually be affecting your bone density and overall health.  Consider just the vinegar for a moment.  Distilled vinegar leaves an acid residue whereas the raw vinegar leaves an alkaline residue.  Your body will try to maintain a certain pH and if you are too acidic, it will leach alkalizing minerals from your bones to achieve a pH balance. Your goal is to consume 80% alkalizing foods and just 20% acid forming foods on a daily basis.

To give yourself every advantage for building better bones and better over-all health a couple of options include:

If you are going to consume dairy products, purchase raw products made from organic, grass fed cows.  Grass fed is desired over silage fed cows, providing a much higher content of essential fatty acids which also aids in building muscle mass, losing fat, stimulating your immune system and may help to fight against illness and disease.  In many states it is illegal to sell raw milk , therefore requiring you to purchase cow shares making you part owner of a cow.



    *Switch to Almond Milk.  It's much higher in calcium than cow's milk and it's alkalizing rather than acidifying.


   * In many recipes where milk is called for, all you really need is something wet.  Consider using water or almond milk.


     *Purchase Raw Apple Cider Vinegar as opposed to distilled vinegars.  Again, you are choosing an alkalizing food.


    *Make your own kombucha.  It’s easy, tasty, economical and great for your health.