Ten Quick Reminders

I was recently asked to submit a newsletter article in conjunction with a seminar I had attended.   That article has been recreated below because it applies to all of us, in all aspects of our lives.  Each point could be an article in itself.  For now, ten quick reminders for living, loving, and leaving a legacy worthy of emulating.

1.  Take one small step.  Using your own style, mindful of your strengths, honest about your weaknesses, move forward.  One small consistent step has the potential to change your world.

2.  Seek to understand before being understood.

3.  Listen more, talk less.

4.  Be available.

5.  Follow up and follow through.

6.  Be genuine.

7.  Learn to fail.  If a lesson was learned, there was no failure.

8.  We can't always have it all.  Determine priorities, make sacrifices when necessary, take a risk when warranted.

9.  Give yourself and others the opportunity to laugh; it's aerobic exercise for the soul and great for your health.

10.  Choice is empowering.  It isn't my objective to convince others that my way is the right way.  It is my privilege to be ready always, in season and out of season, to gently and respectfully share the hope that I have.