Better Brain, Body and Bones With Kale - Queen of the Greens


So just what is kale good for?  It would be easier to list what Kale isn’t good for:  illness and disease. 

A nutrient dense food, with alkalizing benefits, it’s got the building blocks for building better bones, has been touted as having anti-cancer, antioxidantand anti-inflammatory properties, is high in minerals, low in calories, great for the circulatory system, will help your skin and cartilage aiding in flexibility and can help you to detox and build at the same time.

It gets even better.  Kale is great for your brain, containing plant based Omega 3’s (alpha-linolenic acid) which has been linked to lowering the risk of depression.  Your brain has specialized fats called sphingolipids that create the structure of our brain cells.  Guess what?  Kale has an abundance of the co-factors needed in its nutritional profile to help with this as well. 

Need protein?  No problem; kale has that too, along with iron, folate and B6 which are all needed to make serotonin and dopamine.

The bigger question then becomes, “What on earth do I do with it?”  Just about anything you want.  Saute’ it, dehydrate it, add it to soups, stews, salads, and even scrambled eggs.   Recipe ideas to follow.