Many Scary Things, One Sensible Plan, Part Three Skip the Sugar and Wage War

The latest media scare has to do with the measles which may have caused you to forget about Ebola, the Swine flu, the Avian Flu and on it goes.  Again I want to remind you to not allow fear to make your choices and I give you permission to remain calm and rational.  In part one of this series, you learned that your skin was your first line of defense, your gut your second line of defense.  Consider your third line of defense what you actually put or don't put into your body.  



Wondering why you should skip the sugar if you don’t have a weight problem?  Because it affects your white blood cell count, thus affecting your immune system.  Depending on which study you’ve read and how it was conducted, a relatively small amount of sugar can affect the efficiency of your white blood cells anywhere from 40% - 92%.  One source stated that a small amount of sugar suppresses the immune system for four hours while another stated up to six hours.  Certainly not a chance I want to take considering I could bump into a virus or bacteria after consuming a small amount of sugar.  No one wants to go to war without a weapon and sugar disarms us against the enemy.


This is not new science.  In the 1970’s, Dr. Linus Pauling discovered that Vitamin C increases the body’s ability to combat the common cold and that sugar severely inhibits it.  This provides you with another reason to get your sweet fix from whole fruits and veggies allowing you to wage war without having your hands tied behind your back. Additionally, you’ll receive antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, age defying compounds, anti-inflammatories, macular degeneration inhibitors, and lots of other comrades that will help you to win the war against looking bad and feeling bad.