A Better Body Builder Therapy #3 Whole Body Supplementation Rather Than Symptom Supplementation

Most people eat a lot of food, but enjoy very few nutrients. If you're eating a processed diet where most of it is pre-packaged, cooked or microwaved, you're probably consuming foods void of nutrients but chuck full of toxins and calories.  

Its been noted that the majority of the people who have health issues could resolve them and bring all body systems into harmony by supplementing with a core program of:



Multivitamin with Minerals,

Food Enzymes

Essential Fatty Acids and


Entire books have been written about each of these categories. For simplicity sake, I'll give a brief description with general rules of thumb, and at least one Nature's Sunshine option.

Probiotics: These are the powerful good guys (bacteria) that keep the bad guys (bad bacteria) under control.  I've read that the ratio of good bacteria to bad should be 85:15 to keep your body systems in balance. If you've been on an antibiotic, consider following up with a probiotic with a therapeutic dose of  3 – 5 times the normal amount until one bottle has been consumed and then resume with normal dosage. Probiotics show promise for prevention of cancer and kidney stone formation, reversing constipation, diarrhea, inflammation, and in some cases even depression. Try Bifidophilus, Probiotic Eleven, or the children's chewable Probiotic Power.

Fiber: Fiber is your friend. Available in capsule or loose form, fiber absorbs toxins in digestive tract, helps you to feel full, is a time release agent for sugar, helps absorb bile from the gallbladder to help reduce cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation in the gut, is helpful for regular elimination and can help to reduce the risk of colon cancer and prevent diverticulitis and hemorrhoids. Loose fiber choices include LOCLO, Everybody's Fiber and Nature's Three. Encapsulated fibers include Psyllium , Psyllium Seeds, and Psyllium Hulls Combination

Multivitamin with Minerals: A definite must. Trying to build a healthy body without vitamins and minerals is like trying to grow a garden without soil, air, water and sun. A deficiency of any nutrient will eventually result in an illness or disease. Super Supplemental and Multiple Vitamin and Mineral are both excellent choices for adults. The children's Multiple Vitamin and Mineral gummy bear is tasty enough for kids and adults like them too.

Food Enzymes: These guys make the digestive system function and are the “spark plugs” of life. Generally found in raw foods, they are destroyed by heat, help the body break down, absorb and assimilate nutrients, and assist in practically all bodily functions. There are three main categories of digestive enzymes. Consider the Children's Whole Food Papayazyme, Proactazyme or Protease Plus if you eat a lot of processed food. Try Food Enzymes if you are elderly, weak or have lost the ability to digest food. To improve digestion herbally, consider Spleen Activator, Anti-Gas Formula with Lobelia or the Chinese Anti-Gas Formula.

Essential Fatty Acids: Most of us do not get the required amount of good fats in the typical American fare. Essential fatty acids play a role in heart health, a healthy immune system, brain function, body temperature, production of hormones, kidney, nervous and reproductive system functions as well as prevention of degenerative diseases. NSP choices include Super GLA, Super Omega 3, and the children's chewable gummy bear, Omega 3 with DHA.

Antioxidants: Depending on whose research you read, we have about 75 trillion cells in our body and each one takes approximately 10,000 free radical hits a day. Free radicals/oxidative stress are what cause aging as well as about 50 -80% of all chronic and degenerative diseases. Antioxidants are the warriors that fight these free radicals, disarming and neutralizing them. Excellent antioxidant choices include Thai Go, Super ORAC, and the children's gummy bear Whole Food Antioxidant.

If you'd like to start out with a smaller program, take a look at Super Trio. You receive 60 packets, each containing Super Supplemental without Iron, Super Omega 3 and Super Antioxidant. Take one packet twice daily.