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Many Scary Things - One Sensible Plan - Part One

Though the nightly news tempts you to quake with alarm, as you listen to reports of a potential pandemic, do not react in fear, making rash purchases and decisions. Allowing fear to make your decisions is to allow yourself to be manipulated.  Regardless of the name of the newest flu strain, virus or bacteria, one sensible plan still remains.  Make your body an inhospitable host to germs and viruses.  Flies don’t cause garbage, they’re attracted to it.  This holds true for your body as well.   Bacteria and viruses live in biological terrain that is unhealthy.  Be proactive rather than reactive, with several affordable, common sense solutions to be shared in the next few posts.

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Silver Shield and Headache Relief

During one of my presentations, an attendee mentioned that twice a week, he would endure day long headaches.  Once they started, there was no stopping them.  After some discussion, he decided to try using theSilver Shield liquid, one teaspoon, twice daily.  He reported later that since then he hasn’t had any headaches, except on that one day when he forgot to take his silver. 

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