Many Scary Things - One Sensible Plan - Part One

  Though the nightly news tempts you to quake with alarm, as you listen to reports of a potential pandemic, do not react in fear, making rash purchases and decisions. Allowing fear to make your decisions is to allow yourself to be manipulated.  Regardless of the name of the newest flu strain, virus or bacteria, one sensible plan still remains.  Make your body an inhospitable host to germs and viruses.  Flies don’t cause garbage, they’re attracted to it.  This holds true for your body as well.   Bacteria and viruses live in biological terrain that is unhealthy.  Be proactive rather than reactive, with several affordable, common sense solutions to be shared in the next few posts.


1.  Your skin is your first line of defense.  Do not use antibacterial soaps or hand sanitizers as they disrupt the acid mantle of the skin and natural oils which protect against pathogens. Anti-bacterial soaps end up making you more susceptible.  Plain soap and water is your best option.  If you feel the need for additional protection, add a few drops of Essential Shield essential oil, and/or a small amount of liquid silver to your hand soap.  I make my own liquid soap by using Sunshine Concentrate from Nature’s Sunshine.  It’s pH is ideal for our hair, skin and nails.  I use a few pumps of this concentrate in water along with a few drops of Essential Shield Essential Oil and a small amount of liquid silver and combine in a foaming pump dispenser.  All items (except the foaming pump dispenser) are from Nature’s Sunshine, allowing you the convenience of one stop shopping without even leaving your home.


2.  Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield gel used on your hands, face, and in your nostrils can give you added protection against pathogens for 4 hours,  working with your natural defenses, not against them.  I always use the gel before entering a hospital or when I know I am going to a function where there will be lots of hand shaking.


3.  Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield liquid supplement is part of my every day regime for supporting my immune system and keeping it at its optimum.  Our immune systems must deal with incredible amounts of toxins and pathogens which can leave it overworked, exhausted and compromised.  Two teaspoons, twice daily for the average adult works wonders.  Keep a large bottle on hand for normal usage.  Some have suggested keeping one gallon of silver on hand per person to ride out a true pandemic.


4.  Keep a tub of diaper wipes in your car.  Add ½ cup water that has 1 ounce of Nature’s Sunshine Silver Sol liquid added to it and 5 – 10  drops of Essential Shield essential oil by Nature’s Sunshine and you have an exceptional synergistic blend.  I use them after pumping gas, shopping and for quick clean ups around the house.   See the Products page for ordering all items (with the exception of the diaper wipes) at wholesale from Nature’s Sunshine.


Silver: a shining shield of protection without side affects!